Life issues

Think Simple…
Do Simple and Live Simple
Because Originally we are Happy Souls..

Release Some Air …
It could be our anger ….
our disappointments…
Our egos…
Our confusions…

In the end it’s all about Adjust The Height (Attitude) to make things easier in life and uncomplicate the things in life.

” Life is beautiful ” …
“Enjoy every moment” …
” Seasons change”…
” Situations Change”….


How much is enough…cont.

The amount of suffering?

The point of realization?

The point of no return?

Pause and think about it.

The stop sign?

The end of the road?

The final destination?

Pause and think about it.

When all comes to an end.

When its all done.

When you are between nowhere and your past.

Thats when enough will be enough!

How much is enough?

How old is old enough?

How long does it go for one to realize it,

How much should one go through before it dawns on them?

Pause and think about it.

How much deeper should one go?

What depth is deep enough?

How much deeper for me to realize should I go?

Pause and think about it.

How much pain is too much pain?

How much pain is enough?

How painful does it have to be for it to be realized?

Pause and think about it.

Hard to get,easy to lose.

Have you ever questioned yourself on the price one should pay to cleanse or completely remove the feeling of betrayal we instill in people we relate to?

Let me put it this way, human beings are often likened to eggs placed in one vessel, at some point and time,disloyalty might arise.

Regardless of the level of trust between the involved parties, an automatic bruise of feelings is bound to happen. Either way how we relate with these people gets distorted. How we mend this kind of situation is my major interest.

Mariage, dating or friendship are among the main types of interactions in which occurance of mistrust is most likely to occur.

Lately the showbiz industry both in East Africa and the world over has been faced with such situation. In this case, Bongo sensational artist Diamond Platinumz came out to confirm the rumours that he had sired a child with some woman other than his known bae Zari. Comedian Kevin Hart also publicly made an apology to his wife and kids for cheating.

During his impeachment for misconduct, former US president Bill Clinton said “one requires more than an apology to be forgiven.”

Diamond has vowed that he is willing to trek to South Africa from Tanzania if that will be the ultimate price he has to pay to be forgiven by his wife.

To me, loyalty and trust are like that precious cherry. Once you pop it, you cant have it back! So I cut you off. No truce.

What about you? How would you treat disloyalty?

Chauvinistic? No. Am a realist.

Over the past few days the internet has been ablaze. This arises from something I can say with no apologies, happens all the time. Yes. A man cheating is not a new thing to a black man.

So after speculations about Tanzania’s sensational Diamond Platinumz siring a baby with model Hamisa Mobeto, the guy came clean about it and people particularly women can’t give us peace. When a man is subjected to the presence of a fine woman what do you expect a man to do? What do you expect them to talk about? Married or not chemistry and probably sexual attraction is inevitable.

Back to Kevin Hart, am not surprised. The wife was pregnant. Let’s face it, he still had needs that needed. Shetani ni mbaya.

The only thing I disagree with these dudes is confessing in public. My grand paps told me even if you are caught in the act, never accept that you were doing it.

That being said, I also disregard the apologies both are giving in public.

Mzee Mnyama

Quit verbal consolation

Many at times we come across people who have made it in life as per what we see. Our reaction when this happens is always either jealousy or we become green with envy. The main question however remains, do we really know what this people did to actually get where we see them?

During my internship at the Ministry of ICT, Eldoret branch I got the opportunity to hit the road and actually taste the waters. My conclusion is, THE HUSTLE IS REAL!!!

I got the chance to meet both goal oriented individuals and those who live in the moment. If am allowed to come to any conclusions then I can boldly say that the two category of people are totally different. One spends without thinking about the following day. You only live once!!(YOLO) or Tomorrow will take care of itself.

It came to my realization that the rich people we see around made the choice to be rich while young! They sacrificed the little pleasures of life to have a better future.

The rich also had a chance to interact with the few careless people who don’t care about there tomorrow. That’s why they easily brush off beggars and those who go to them for little favors. They learnt from experience.

Therefore, as you sit there saying, “what goes up must come down” think twice. Some alresdy stabilized their down hence they only head up. Quit verbal consolation and work hard for now….#foodforthought.


Marry your best friend!

This is my first….

Thinking of getting married? Marry your best friend! I know many of us will find this weird at this time and age. A time when all we think about is not getting friend zoned by our opposite sex friends.

It’s true being friend zoned is not the best place to ever find yourself, in but take a look at this, will you marry a stranger? The answer is definitely a NO!!

Here are few reasons why marrying your best friend is beneficial;

  1. Likes. – You best friend knows what’s gets you going. These ranges from, your favorite color, meal (very important!!)Movies, drinks.
  2. Comfort ability – We will all come to an agreement that at any time of the day, in whatever state we will always be free and less conscious around our best friend

– With a best friend we will be free to share our worst moments and the proud ones too,

-With a best friend, we can always try any outfit before going out and expect an honest opinion.

-A best friend will openly let you know your flaws and strengths.

-A best friend will keep your secrets.

– A best friend will nag you less.

I have decided to marry my best friend…Still looking for her though!


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